About Elena Braccioli

My name is Elena Braccioli and, after getting my PhD, I have been working in the Netherlands for over 15 years, focusing on, and developing, a great experience in the International arena.

Before getting my degree in Ferrara University, I worked in Granada University (Pharmacia) and than further challenged myself with a 2 year PhD in the Netherlands, where a relocated permanently. In Italy, I collaborate with companies in the food supplement area (Proaction, Polichimica etc) on QA but also on developing new products and getting scientifical background on phytotherapic raw ingredients.
Supporting business development for Labomar is now my daily job, integrating marketing activities and following R&D projects in the food supplements, cosmetics and medical device field.  Trying to launch new products portfolio and exploring new market challenge.
My network is wide: from important pharmaceutical companies to medium and small business size companies. I have daily contacts, too, with raw material distributor to company and distributors. Medical devices is the latest field of challenge. Areas of interest: food supplements (woman health, pediatric, sleep disorder, intestinal health), cosmetics (baby product, anticellulitis), functional food and medical devices.